Library in Aranda

We visited Aranda’s place-of-the-moment, Two Before Ten, to see the library and games room.

It joins the other café library-ish spaces in Canberra like Bicicletta’s The Library Bar, and in the same area, Hotel Hotel Library and Hideout’s book wall.

…we know there are more, what have we missed? (O’Connor’s Free Little Library was recently taken so we’re not including it on the list).

Shelving at Two Before Ten
Books! Games! Fireplace!

Two Before Ten’s Library is a relaxing, loungey space with some wonderfully retro artworks like a huge photo-print of the Carillon. Most of the couches were filled with people, and there was a group playing backgammon, so we took our photos “around” the crowds. As such, there is a better photo in their opening feature Canberra Times article.

Library at Two before Ten
Library at Two before Ten

We hope to have an event there in the future – it has a friendly atmosphere and is a clear choice for library-themed drinks.

Swedish dog at Two before Ten
Aranda’s cutest dog

Plus there was a puppy outside! He had a Swedish name which we can’t spell.

Books on money with Australian dollars tucked in
Let’s talk about tax

Remember our next event is only a month away! Find out answers to tax questions you didn’t even know you had, with Let’s talk about tax. It’s on Thursday 18 June, 6-7pm in the Ferguson room at the National Library of Australia. Tickets are free but strictly limited, please RSVP on eventbrite