First 2016 event, #altVALA16 assemblage

We’re eagerly anticipating our first event for this year!

#altVALA16 assemblage at Wheat & Oats (Saturday 20 February, 12-2).

RSVP via eventbrite or facebook (free, just so we know numbers).

#altVALA16 assemblage invite
#altVALA16 assemblage invite

Just a casual Saturday lunch or coffee to talk about #vala16, for those who went, or those who missed out (represent, #altVALA16!).

You might also like to see this amazing thing, especially for us VALA-watchers:  @kylastephan handcrafted a bespoke #imaginarylibraryconference schedule, it’s very entertaining! (features lots of sparkles and conferencey benefits)* (*in no way represents the benefits of #altVALA16 assemblage)

Coincidentally, Bead Street is only a short walk away from our assemblage, should you wish to take Kyla’s #altVALA16 lead and make your very own “ridiculously sparkling” lanyard!

#altaltVALA16 envy
#altaltVALA16 envy

As an aside for the cataloguers, who knew that facebook is so fussy with event naming conventions (Title main entry?).

“Event names need to use standard capitalization [sic] and can’t make excessive use of special characters.”

#altVALA16 Cranky facebook
#altVALA16 cranky facebook

See you on Saturday!


Event name from @snailx’s coining of the phrase in conjunction with @ccmcknz, @katecbyrne and @jobeaz.

Original photo courtesy of Ben Rogers (Flickr), Merry Christmas – All That Glitters, 25/12/13.