Gala-h murmuration and nearing Raffle

We had a splendid volery at Sunday’s Year-end Gala-h at Muse Canberra. Not only did we have wonderful friends from Canberra (who variously work at national, university, science, government and emergency sector libraries), we also hosted some lovely guests from Adelaide!

Art in Bunda Street, Canberra
Gang-gang by Geoff Filmer

On our way to the Gala-h we were desperate to take a photo of our event’s namesake, and thought we had done it with Geoff Filmer’s art in Bunda Street shared zone (Civic), but apparently this friend is a Gang-gang. Well, ornithologists, we are certainly not!

Muse Canberra
Mmm, books!

Muse Canberra is a wonderful fusion of wine bar/café and bookshop – Paul and Dan were wonderful hosts! If you didn’t make it, or even if you did, or are already a fan, did you know that you can win a $50 Muse Canberra gift voucher in our raffle? It can be used for any of the things at Muse Canberra (read: wine, coffee, food, books!)

What did we do at the Gala-h? It was pretty relaxed and we didn’t have an organised speaker or anything formal (like our earlier Cafe Catch-up). Just a friendly gathering to celebrate another excellent Canberra Library Tribe year!

Muse Mysteries
Which title could they be?

The Muse Mysteries were a pretty cute bargain, and great for the non-wrapping inclined among us. There are 3 words which give an indication of the contents! We have seen this done at public libraries as well for “book blind dates” (if you do this at your work, just make sure to have a cut-out for the barcode!).

Fyrstekake (traditional Norwegian almond cake)
Fyrstekake- you could win!

Thank you for your support and attending our flocking together. We have had a big year, and it’s only a short time till we draw our raffle (Wednesday night). All funds go towards Elizabeth’s Fund and you can win some delectable cakes, top local music, fragrant coffee, and of course the Muse Canberra gift voucher. The cake above is a delicious traditional Norwegian almond cake (fyrstekake).

There’s still time to buy raffle tickets, even paypal is all good! (cut-off 3pm Wednesday 16 December, tickets are $3 each or 4 for $10). Paypal to

We’ll take wing, but will keep you updated on the lucky winners very, very soon!



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