Holiday raffle results and Thank you from Elizabeth

We drew the Holiday raffle last week, congratulations to winners Mary, Libby, Colleen, Heather, Pam and the Kates, who are now enjoying their prizes!

We’re very happy to share that the Holiday raffle raised $352, in addition to our other fundraising this year: $700 from other raffles and $500 from the movie night. We’re grateful to the Elizabeth’s Fund volunteer team (at the National Library) for their energy and enthusiasm in selling tickets in addition to their own fundraising events.

Pecan and pie, does it get any better?
Michelle’s famous pecan pie

Thank you to everyone involved, not just the volunteers but everyone buying tickets, sharing information about the raffles, and to our generous sponsors. You helped make Elizabeth’s Iceland bucket list a reality, and assisted with ongoing medical expenses and living costs. Stay tuned for next year’s fundraising initiatives, but in the meantime, please consider supporting the businesses who kindly donated raffle prizes:

Madman Entertainment, National Library of Australia, Lake Burley Griffin Cruises, Lindsay & Edmunds, Canberra Classic Corn, Impact Comics, Conservation Council (ACT Region), Anna Comerford, Moosie Soy Candles, Real Chai, Sweet Bones Organic Bakery and Cafe, Jigsaw Body Mechanics, local musicians and bands (Space Party, Dead DJ Joke, Cracked Actor, Reuben Ingall, The Magic Rob Universe, Subsequence Radio, Inflatable Ingrid and Tundrel), and our GLAMR gourmet cake-bakers!

Þingvellir by Elizabeth Caplice
Þingvellir by Elizabeth

And some beautiful words from Elizabeth:

I’d like to thank all of Canberra Library Tribe – and the library community at large – particularly the amazing Sonja and Beth who have worked so hard to help me out. I really don’t know what i did to deserve such kindness and generosity, and it has made this very difficult year and a half so much more pleasant.

for a more general update: I’m now at a year and a half post diagnosis. This year alone, i’ve had 28 rounds of pelvic radiation, 10 or so rounds of chemotherapy, major surgery, two angiograms, and radiation inserted directly into my liver. I got a blood clot mid-year, and have been on blood thinning injections daily ever since, and have had countless scans, local and interstate trips to doctors, and more ER trips than i care to recall.

i’ve also had some tremendous times – i travelled to the UK, Iceland, and Finland – i saw Lord Byron’s castle and Phillip Larkin’s grave, and the Morrissey shrine in Manchester. i went ice caving in Iceland and stayed in a tiny seaside town called Vik with a black sandy beach. I’ve spent time with loved ones, overseas and in Australia, been lucky enough to have had the health to be able to go interstate from time to time between treatment. i saw Morrissey twice in one week, and Sufjan Stevens a few nights before, and I’m planning small trips for early next year. I’ve had the chance to build stronger friendships, to repair old ones, and to feel as though i appreciate being alive – still – in a way i never have before. I’ve been published in almost all of my favourite Australian literary journals – my name in the same journal that published Patrick White – something i could have never imagined would happen to me.

it is hard to think of myself as lucky in this context – as it stands, my prognosis is still very poor – meaning it is very unlikely that i will be alive in three and a half years – but for now, my health is surprisingly robust, despite my current exhaustion from the radiation being inserted into my liver. my doctors are still encouraging me to live my life as much as i possibly can while my pain and nausea is manageable, and i still remain hopeful for new treatment that might be able to keep me going, and to manage the cancer as a chronic illness. The facts remain the same – it cannot be cured, and there’s only a limited number of treatments left if the current ones i am on start to fail.

Having the support of so many people has made my life so much easier. it has made the times where it doesn’t seem worth it – where the pain and discomfort and the fear become too much – i remember how much people care, how much everyone has helped me, and i don’t even know how i can start to thank you.


Gala-h murmuration and nearing Raffle

We had a splendid volery at Sunday’s Year-end Gala-h at Muse Canberra. Not only did we have wonderful friends from Canberra (who variously work at national, university, science, government and emergency sector libraries), we also hosted some lovely guests from Adelaide!

Art in Bunda Street, Canberra
Gang-gang by Geoff Filmer

On our way to the Gala-h we were desperate to take a photo of our event’s namesake, and thought we had done it with Geoff Filmer’s art in Bunda Street shared zone (Civic), but apparently this friend is a Gang-gang. Well, ornithologists, we are certainly not!

Muse Canberra
Mmm, books!

Muse Canberra is a wonderful fusion of wine bar/café and bookshop – Paul and Dan were wonderful hosts! If you didn’t make it, or even if you did, or are already a fan, did you know that you can win a $50 Muse Canberra gift voucher in our raffle? It can be used for any of the things at Muse Canberra (read: wine, coffee, food, books!)

What did we do at the Gala-h? It was pretty relaxed and we didn’t have an organised speaker or anything formal (like our earlier Cafe Catch-up). Just a friendly gathering to celebrate another excellent Canberra Library Tribe year!

Muse Mysteries
Which title could they be?

The Muse Mysteries were a pretty cute bargain, and great for the non-wrapping inclined among us. There are 3 words which give an indication of the contents! We have seen this done at public libraries as well for “book blind dates” (if you do this at your work, just make sure to have a cut-out for the barcode!).

Fyrstekake (traditional Norwegian almond cake)
Fyrstekake- you could win!

Thank you for your support and attending our flocking together. We have had a big year, and it’s only a short time till we draw our raffle (Wednesday night). All funds go towards Elizabeth’s Fund and you can win some delectable cakes, top local music, fragrant coffee, and of course the Muse Canberra gift voucher. The cake above is a delicious traditional Norwegian almond cake (fyrstekake).

There’s still time to buy raffle tickets, even paypal is all good! (cut-off 3pm Wednesday 16 December, tickets are $3 each or 4 for $10). Paypal to

We’ll take wing, but will keep you updated on the lucky winners very, very soon!



Holiday raffle tickets (available through paypal)

Would you like to win some local Canberra music, coffee, handmade cakes, or a voucher? (the voucher is for a wine bar/book café, so the possibilities are limitless).

We invite you to buy a ticket (or 4, or more) for a chance to win the prizes in our Holiday raffle!

Prizes prizes prizes!
Prizes prizes prizes!

(original photo credit to Kristin on Flickr)

We are fundraising for our friend Elizabeth’s ongoing medical costs and living expenses.

Raffle tickets are $3 each or 4 for $10.

Tickets are available in-person with Canberra Library Tribe and Elizabeth’s Fund representatives, but the easiest way to buy them is to send us the funds on paypal to

…once you’ve sent through the funds, we will send you a message showing your raffle ticket numbers.

But if you really want to see us in the flesh and buy raffle tickets ye olde fashioned way, we will be in the National Library’s foyer this Wednesday evening (9 December, 5pm-7pm), as well as selling them at our fabulous Year-end Gala-h (Sunday 13 December at Muse Canberra, 1pm-3pm).

The raffle will be drawn on the afternoon of Wednesday 16 December, with winners notified that day or the following day. Please note that the prizes of handmade gourmet cakes are only able to be delivered in Canberra, Queanbeyan and surrounds. Other prizes are able to be posted within Australia.

Thank you for helping with our fundraising!

(some more wordy information about our Holiday raffle is included in our previous post).

Canberra Library Tribe’s Holiday raffle

It’s that time of year, when you love to win great prizes prizes prizes! (and you could even use them as a sneaky Xmas present…)

We have some fantastic things on offer including a food/wine/book voucher, local music, coffee and cakes!

Sterile heaven. Just another touch of paradise. By Elizabeth Caplice
Sterile heaven. Just another touch of paradise. By Elizabeth Caplice

We are hosting our final raffle for the year, raising funds for our friend Elizabeth’s ongoing medical costs and living expenses. We are very grateful for everyone’s support this year in helping Elizabeth complete her bucket list trip to Iceland – you can find out more about our earlier fundraising through our previous post.

Books at Muse Canberra
Books at Muse Canberra

Prizes prizes prizes!

You could win…

Muse Canberra voucher (value: $50, donated by a CLT supporter)

Enjoy food, wine or books to the value of $50 at Muse Canberra, a new café, wine bar and bookstore within East Hotel, Kingston.

CD mega prize (value: lots, donated by local musicians)

Over 20 CDs, including releases from local acts (Space Party, Dead DJ Joke, Cracked Actor, Reuben Ingall, The Magic Rob Universe, Subsequence Radio’s compilation CD, and the sadly missed Inflatable Ingrid).

Coffee 2 x Lonsdale Street Coffee Roasters 250g bean packs (value: $28, donated by a CLT supporter)

Two aromatic packs of some very different coffee beans just for you: Colombia is medium strength with a balanced, fruity and sweet flavour, from small farms in Pitalito, in the far South of Huila. Guatemala is medium strength with a dark chocolate, spice and lemon zest flavour, from small farms in Los Valcanos near Antigua.

Margaret's famous boiled Christmas cake
Margaret’s famous boiled fruitcake


Indulge and save some time over the holidays – you can even tell family and friends that you baked it yourself!

Each homemade cake is a separate prize so you have better odds of winning! Deliciousness guaranteed, because they are all handmade by GLAMR workers.

All the cakes will be made and delivered in the days after the winners are drawn (late afternoon of 16 December). We will contact you to confirm the best delivery time and place (to take place before Xmas day). Please note that delivery is only available in Canberra, Queanbeyan and surrounds.

  • Margaret’s famous boiled fruitcake: Lose yourself in a luxurious blend of raisins, sultanas, currants, cherries and more. Desired by all!
  • Michelle’s famous pecan pie: A delectable flavour journey of star anise, maple syrup, pecans, and eggs from her very own chickens.
  • Liddly’s famous fyrstekake: This traditional and decadent Norwegian almond cake wins the heart of any marzipan fan!
  • Sonja’s famous vegan carrot cake: Moist, nutty and cruelty-free!

Ticket details

If you’d like a chance to win, buy one or more raffle tickets!

Raffle tickets are $3 each or 4 for $10.

Tickets are available from some Elizabeth’s Fund representatives at the National Library, or if you send a paypal payment to us at

We will be in the National Library’s foyer on Wednesday evening (9 December, 5pm-7pm), other times to be advised.

We will also be selling tickets at our Year-end Gala-h (Sunday 13 December at Muse Canberra, 1pm-3pm). Drop by and say hello and get some tickets from our table!

The raffle will be drawn on the afternoon of Wednesday 16 December, with winners notified that day or the following day.

If you think you might win a cake and have dietary concerns, please indicate this on your ticket as most of our award-winning* cakes contain nuts and other allergens.

*We think our cakes are award-winning but not in an official evidence-based sense.

With thanks to our sponsors, and the anonymous CLT supporter, plus our baking GLAMRzons!

More information about our wonderful Canberra acts who donated prizes:

Thank you for your support, and stay tuned in case you’re a lucky prize-winner… you gotta be in it to win it!

Year-end Gala-h

Flocking together to celebrate another year!
An event for GLAMR-types & GLAMR-workers & GLAMR-students, etc.

Join us on Sunday 13 December, 1pm – 3pm.

Tickets are free (RSVP via eventbrite or our facebook event listing), but you might like to buy a drink, all-day brunch or some books while we’re enjoying the space.

We will also be selling raffle tickets towards a good cause (more details to follow).

Poster showing details for Canberra Library Tribe's Year-end Gala-h.
I said Gala-h, love!

Full FAQs are included on the eventbrite listing and our facebook event listing (they cover ID, transport, special diets and more).

The most important FAQ, though is: What is GLAMR? Am I GLAMR?

GLAMR: Galleries, Libraries, Archives, Museums, Records [Management].

You are GLAMR if you’re working in the sector, studying in this field, or a GLAMR-lover. GLAMR glitter!

See you there!

Image credit:

“galahs 1” image with thanks to Flickr photographer Jim Bendon:
“A long shot of 2 galahs very late in the day. The pink just lights up in the late light”